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Terms of Use – The Website's Management website

Welcome to The Website's Management website SEOly. www.seoly.co is a website that offers management software for the use of website promoters (" The Website"). The software provides, inter alia, an efficient and enhanced command and control over campaigns, ranking update, automatic distribution of articles and on online production of client reports ("The Software" or "The system").

Prior to using the website or its services, you are requested to read these terms of use carefully. Please note that we use to update the terms of use from time to time. You are kindly requested to follow up on these changes periodically.

Agreement between the user and The Website's Management

These terms of use constitute the exclusive legal basis for any litigation proceeding relating to the use of the website, services provided therein or any other related matter between the user and The Website's Management or any representative thereof.

Using the website or its services indicates that the user has read, understood and fully accepted all provisions of these terms of use.

These terms of use are personal: duties or rights created herein are inalienable.

Using The Website and The Software

The exact URL address of The Website must appear in the browser's address bar in the user's interface. The user shall not change, hide or replace this URL address.

The user does not acquire any right in the Software and / or in any copyright and / or other rights incorporated into, or any other rights related to The Website. The user acquires a license to use the Website and The Software as detailed in these terms of use only. Any use of the website and / or its content and / or The Software by the user is prohibited unless explicitly stated otherwise in these terms of use.

License to use The Website and The Software

The user is granted a nonexclusive license to use the website and The Software. Such use is permitted only in accordance with these terms of use (" The License"). The user represents that he has checked The System prior to purchasing the License and is willing to use it AS IS.

Payment for the License

User shall pay the price indicated in The Website as a consideration for the license. The Website's Management may alter the price indicated in The Website at its sole discretion. Failure of the user to pay the price indicated in the website entitles the Website's Management to refuse granting him The License or any other services, that including cases where the payment instrument provided by the user fails to accomplish the transaction.

Partners Affiliation Program

The Website Management offers to reward any user who will help recruiting new clients for The Website, subject to the terms in this section (" The Recruiting User" and "The New User").

The Recruiting User shall be rewarded for 12 months with an amount equal to 15% of the monthly payment that the New User pays to the Website's Management, and will be transferred to The Recruiting User as a discount from payments he is due to pay to The Website's Management, or against a valid invoice that The Recruiting User will surrender to The website's Management.

The Recruiting User will be entitled for the compensation as detailed above given that all the following are fulfilled:

1. The New User has executed a final contract with The Website's Management for the purchase of services given by the Website for a period of 12 months at least.

2. The Website's Management has approved in writing entering a contract with The New User.

3. The New User has not demanded a refund from The Website's Management.

The availability of the website

Although The Website's Management attempts to ensure uninterrupted service through The Website, it does not warrant the nonoccurrence of interruptions or distractions to The Website's regular service. The Website's Management will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, that may be caused to the user due to such service interruption. In case that user hasn't login to the website for some time, the website can delete the user data. The Website's Management can remove the data of a user who did not login for the past year, but of course the user can still use the website once the user re-login again. For free users the period can be shorter. The Website monitor the rankings few times a week, however, if the user doesn't login for a while, the frequency of the monitoring can be lower until the next login.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights in The Website and the Software, including with regard to the website's design, pictures, graphic files, applications, source code, text, and / or any other material or data, belongs to The Website's Management or to a third party that has authorized its use on the website.

It is prohibited to copy or duplicate in any manner, fully or partially, make available to another, make available to the public, spread, transfer to public domain, alter, process or create a derivative product, sell or rent any part of these contents, in whatever instrument or medium without being granted an explicit license to do so from The Website's Management and / or the owner of that content.

Any use of the trademarks and logos that appear in the website is prohibited without prior written authorization given from The Website's Management.

Any use infringing the copyrights and / or intellectual property rights owned by The Website's Management or by a third party as detailed in these terms of use, constitutes sufficient grounds for The Website's Management to refuse to provide the user with service, without prior notice. The user will bear all the costs and expenses caused to The Website's Management and / or its customers and / or its suppliers and / or to the user himself due to this infringement and / or due to the refusal to provide the user with service, without prejudice of any other relief The Website's Management is entitled for whether by power of the law or by power of contract.

Limitation of liability

The User accepts the Software AS IS thus he shall have no claim whatsoever with regard to results or outcome provided by it. Any reliance made by user on results presented and / or generated by The Software shall be on User's sole responsibility.

The Website's Management shall not be liable for actions of the user, including, but not limited to, actions are illegal, tortious, obscene, invasive of another’s privacy or any other action by user that may create a cause of action for a third party. In such cases the user will bear all liability towards the third party.

The Website's Management shall not be responsible in an event where the computer or any other end device or program installed thereon, including an internet browser or a media player, are not compatible with or fail to meet the technical requirements for the use of the website. It is exclusively the user's duty to ensure the compatibility of the end devices, thus he waives any claim based on absence of such compatibility.

Privacy Policy

The Website's Management cares about the privacy of the users of the website. Its policy regarding data collection, data use and data protection are detailed hereby.

Data collection: During use of the website, the user will be requested to provide certain information, which might include, among others, name, address, e-mail address and payment method details. In addition, technical information might be collected, such as IP addresses of computer used to visit the website, and "cookies" might be stored at the user's browser. Such collection of data is meant to improve the user's use of the website and keep him updated with services and special offers that might interest him.

Data protection: The website respects the privacy of the users and uses advanced security measures to keep the data provided by the users secure. Nevertheless, and despite these efforts, there is no absolute certainty that the data will not be exposed to third parties in the event of hacking the website or any other unauthorized access in the user's data. The user acknowledges that The Website's Management will bear no liability whatsoever and waives any claim against The Website's Management in any such event. The website is working with SEO freelancers to create links for customers, but the website is not responsible for the links validity or links that were not created or links that were removed after creation.

The website is working with SEO freelancers to create links for customers, but the website is not responsible for the links validity or links that were not created or links that were removed after creation.

The website aim to help customers manage their SEO, but the website is not responsible and not committed to any results of improving SEO and increasing the ranks.

Use of data: The Website's Management undertakes using the users' personal details pursuant to these terms of use only. The website will use the stored data to customize and improve the users' browsing experience in the website.

Data transfer to third parties: The Website's Management will transfer the user data to third parties in the following events only:

- In case the use of The System constitutes a felony.

- In case The Website's Management is obliged to do so under judicial order.

- In case The Website's Management and the user become opposing parties in legal proceedings.

- In case the user breached the website's terms of use, and such transfer of data is necessary for The Website's Management to enforce its rights.

Changing these terms of use

The Website's Management is entitled to amend these terms of use subject to its sole discretion. It is the exclusive responsibility of the user to keep informed if any changes in the terms of use took place.

Conflict resolution, choice of law and choice of forum

These terms of use will be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Israel.

The parties agree to try and resolve every dispute that might arise between them, including disputes concerning the use of the website and / or these terms of use, the website's privacy policy and / or concerning the services provided by The Website's Management , through direct negotiations. In case the parties fail to resolve the dispute through such negotiations, they will resort to arbitration. The arbitrator will be an Israeli attorney whose field of expertise is Internet and electronic trade law. The arbitrator's identity will be determined by the President of the Israeli Bar Association and following the request of either party.

The arbitration will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The arbitrator shall have the power to issue injunctions.

The arbitrator will not be bound by evidentiary law and substantive law.

The arbitrator will be obliged to set forth the grounds for his or her final decision.

This section constitutes an arbitration agreement between the parties in accordance with the Israeli Arbitration Act 1968.

Without prejudice of the aforesaid, in any matter that is not within the arbitrator's competence, or in any instance where this arbitration agreement shall not be in force, the local jurisdiction / venue in matters concerning this agreement's validity, interpretation and / or breach thereof will belong exclusively to the competent court in Tel Aviv, Israel and will be governed by Israeli law.

Before the arbitration proceeding begins, the arbitrator will disclose to the parties all the relevant information concerning his or her direct or indirect relationships with either party and / or interested party and /or entities related to the parties, if any. After hearing the parties reservations in this matter and as to his or her ability to objectively decide in the arbitration, the arbitrator will be the competent party to decide whether he or she will continue to hold the arbitrator's position.

The user explicitly agrees to the aforesaid choice of forum clause, and waives any right to oppose the determination of the competent court pursuant to this agreement, including not raising a Non Convenience Forum claim or any other claim.

Shall The Website's Management be sued by a third party, in any legal proceeding, based on the user's act or failure to act, The Website's Management will be entitled to join the user as a party to that proceeding, and the above arbitration agreement will be suspended.

The registration in the website's computer databases regarding activities done within the website shall be a determinant evidence for such activities.

The use of the website is prohibited in jurisdictions that do not grant full validity to all covenants of these terms of use.

Admissibility in legal proceedings

A printed version of these terms of use and to every message delivered in electronic manner will be admissible evidence in legal or administrative proceedings, based or related to these terms of use, to a similar extent as business records originally produced and saved in physical form.

Interpretation of these terms of use

Since the internet is a rapidly changing medium, the user agrees not to construe these terms of use narrowly against The Website's Management. Any right that has not been explicitly granted to the user is reserved to The Website's Management.


Self-identifying users are welcome to contact The Website's Management for every clarification concerning the website or these terms of use. The Website's Management will provide them with a response in the earliest possible convenience.